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‘Happy and secure children learn well’:

At Shalom Noam, our intent is to deliver a curriculum where all the children’s learning supports them in developing into capable, able and giving British citizens whose Jewish Faith is deeply embedded in their identity.

Our ‘golden threads’ run through our curriculum from Early Years up to Year 6 and aim to give our children ‘REAL’, exciting learning opportunities.


Reading sits at the core of our curriculum. Our intent is to use reading as a springboard for learning and to open the world up to our children through reading. We have a culture of reading in the school to empower and encourage children to read as we believe that reading is the key to so many vital skills and experiences

Experiential, authentic learning

Our intent is to both reinforce and teach through experiential and authentic learning. We offer our children a combination of exciting experiences and high- quality teaching and learning as a multi-faceted way of delivering our curriculum. Experiences excite and inspire children and together with high quality teaching, our children develop skills and knowledge they need.

Ambitious and aspirational

We are ambitious for all our children from Early Years up to Year 6 and do all we can to ensure every child reaches his/her potential. We monitor every child to ensure their social, emotional and academic standards and provide a host of interventions ranging from academic to emotional for those who need it. These are bespoke to the needs of individual or groups of children. Our intent is that every child is seen as an individual with unique strengths and that we nurture them socially, emotionally and academically so when they leave Shalom Noam, they have the tools and skills to confidently step into the next stage of their lives ready to take on their ambitions and dreams.

Lifelong learners

We want our children to feel passionate about learning and know that learning never ends! Our intent is to inspire our children through our curriculum, so they develop a love and passion for learning.

Early Years
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