Controlled Parking Zone - CPZ

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A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) will be coming into force on 22nd May 2023. 

This will have a huge impact on you and our staff.

  • Parking on the road may no longer be possible
  • Parents may need to drive into the school for drop-offs and pickups
  • Increased congestion on the A5, impacting us and those around us
  • We will have insufficient parking spaces to meet our staffing and visitor needs

There are many ways in which this will affect us all.

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I would like to assure you, as a school, we will do everything possible to minimise the impact of this.  Our Governors have been working tirelessly, collaborating with five other schools that will be affected by these measures.  We are all working together to try to petition the council in order to reduce the disruption.

With your help, and by signing this petition, we may be able to lessen the negative impact by convincing the council to review their decision.

Map of Controlled Area