Shalom Noam Primary School takes their lead, regarding Coronavirus regulations from the latest government guidelines.

At this time, we ask parents and visitors to refrain from coming into the school building during school times.  Therefore, after 4.15pm, by appointment only and with a facemask.  All visitors are asked to complete a COVID declaration.

While in the midst of COVID, our preferred option of communication is telephone. However, if you feel a face to face is needed, then please call the school office.  We will endeavour to organise a time and place for this to happen.

There have been many changes in school during the last few months.

We encourage regular hand washing and social distancing throughout school as well as keeping into our bubbles for lessons and playtime.  Lunch is eaten in classrooms.

Our drop off and pick up procedure has also been modified.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email