Sports Grant & Swimming

 Sports Predicted Funding Report 2020-2021

We are proud of our PE curriculum at Shalom Noam Primary School. We aim to create a learning environment where every child is physically confident and able to find something that they are good at and enjoy. The Government is providing funding to improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over a number of academic years. This academic year the government has allocated:

January 2019 – March 2019


March 2019 – April 2019




These plans include:

  • Many purchased and planned purchases of new equipment. For example:
    • Outdoor Table Tennis Table
    • Badminton and Tennis equipment
    • Agility equipment such as spring boards and trapezoid vaulting horse.
    • Bikes
  • SEN equipment
  • Sports Day
  • Planned swimming
  • Stretch & Grow for our EYFS
  • Continuous Professional development for teaching staff



Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis

Children's work, behaviour and even physical health as well as mental health can be improved by getting them involved in playing ball relating activities.

Special Educational Needs Pupils

Sports teach teamwork and problem-solving skills, boosts self-esteem and helps reduce pressure and stress.  This also helps with co-ordination.


 Shalom Noam Primary very much wish to take part in swimming, particularly for KS2.  At the moment all plans for this has been put on hold due to COVID.

EYFS – Stretch & Grow

Pre School Programme

97.9% of nurseries surveyed believe that children who attend Stretch & Grow classes develop a basic awareness of their bodies.

Children are learning all the time about the benefits of exercising, they learn about their bodies, their muscles, about eating healthily and lots of other relevant topics

Sports Day

This has many benefits to both children and staff alike. The day helps children develop mental and physical toughness.  Sports improve their blood circulation and their physical well-being.