Remote Learning

Shalom Noam’s Remote Education Offer

Named senior leader with overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education: Mrs Adele Aremband

If for any reason, the school is required to close, we will aim to offer remote education within one-two days of closure. Parents will receive an email with the timetable and codes to access online learning. The learning we will offer will be a continuation of what children were learning at school from a curriculum perspective. All lessons are compulsory. If a child cannot attend, please email the office; or your child’s class teacher.

Our SEND team, Mrs Keren Greene or Mrs Hinda Rosenthal will be in touch with parents of children with SEND and will set up 1:1 or small group sessions with them. Counselling will also be offered with Mrs Rachel Davis if required.

Feedback will be provided during lessons and via Goggle Classroom. Teachers may ask for the worksheets to be completed and returned to school once the school closure has come to an end.

The main platforms we use are Zoom and Google Classroom. Each class has their own ‘virtual classroom’ and all work is uploaded the night before.

During lockdown or other school closures, our remote education offer includes:


  • Davening (praying) every morning.
  • Regular lessons in all key subjects
  • Pre-printed packs of worksheets that directly relate to the lessons.
  • Pastoral support
  • Support with Kodesh reading.
  • 1:1 sessions for SEND children.

National Curriculum:

  • Daily Literacy and Maths lessons
  • Weekly Science lessons
  • PE daily challenge
  • Supplemental activities for all other curriculum areas
  • Extra-curricular weekly timetable
  • Weekly PSHE sessions with the class teacher, Kodesh teacher and TA.
  • 1:1 sessions for some children with SEN.
  • Small group work for some classes.
  • Pre-printed packs (differentiated) of worksheets that directly relate to the lessons.