Admissions Arrangements - Consultation

The governors of Shalom Noam wish to make a change to the Admissions Policy of the school and are also proposing to make changes to the Supplemental Information Form (SIF) that applicants are asked to complete to help the school determine if the applicant falls within any of the priority categories for admission to the school. Where admissions authorities propose making any changes to their admissions arrangements they are required to conduct a public consultation.

The admissions policy of Shalom Noam is set in accordance with the School Admissions Code (September 2021) and, as a voluntary aided school, the governing body is the admissions body for the school.

Admissions Policy

Shalom Noam is proposing to amend its Admission Policy to give limited priority for admission to reception to pupils who currently attend the school’s nursery (and who also meet the faith criteria of the school).

The Schools Admission Code provides that schools may prioritise pupils in their nursery. This is important for a number of parents who wish their children to continue in the school after nursery with the advantages of stability and continuity that this provides. However, to ensure that all applicants to the school for admission into reception, including those that did not attend at the nursery, have a fair opportunity to  secure a place, the Admissions Policy will limit the number of places that prioritise  nursery attendance to 12 places. The PAN for the school is 30 pupils.

The admission criteria for the nursery are materially identical to the school’s admission criteria and for the September 2022 process Shalom Noam will be adopting an independent appeals process for nursery admissions. The governors are not required to consult on changes to the nursery admissions arrangements.

Supplemental Information Form (SIF)

At the same time as the school is amending it Admissions Policy, the school is taking the opportunity to amend it SIF. The changes are primarily intended to simplify the SIF and provide more specificity in the requirements to meet the existing criteria.

Responding to the Consultation

The detailed changes to the policy and SIF can be found below by downloading the proposed updated documents.

If you wish to respond to the consultation, please send your response to

All responses will be considered by the Governing Body of Shalom Noam before deciding whether to adopt the revised Admission Policy and SIF. If adopted, the Admission Policy and SIF will apply to the admissions process for entry to the school in September 2023.

This consultation begins on 29 November 2021 and will be open for six weeks. Any responses to the consultation should be provided by 10 January 2022.